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750 ml Clear Glass Claret/Bordeaux Bottles, 12 per case

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750 ml Emerald Green Claret/Bordeaux Bottles, 12 per case

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Green Wine Bottles (750ml Bordeaux) Case of 12 Bottles

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750 ml Amber Glass Hock Bottles, 12 per case

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375 ml Clear Semi-Bordeaux Bottles, 24 per case

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750ml Cobalt Blue California Hock Bottles, 12 per case

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Square Swing Top Clear Italian Glass Bottle 34 Ounce (Approx) Capacity

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Claret Bottles 750ml. Clear Glass, Case of 12

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5 Gallon glass carboy
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Cobalt Blue Wine Bottles-12 a Box, 750ml

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750 ml Clear Frosted Glass Bordeaux Bottles, 12 per case

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Green Wine Bottles (750ml Bordeaux) Case of 12 Bottles

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750ml Cobalt Blue California Hock Bottles, 12 per case

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my psychologist unethical?
    He regularly cuts our sessions short by 5 or more minutes. He once asked me if I was going to tattle on him for drinking a glass of wine during our session. He many times has kept me waiting for 30+ minutes for a session because he forgot about me (he works alone). He answers his cell phone duing our sessions if it is someone important like a relative.

    He has also seen me on a Sunday on an hour's notice because of an emergency, gives me a discount on his usual rate because I am currently out of work and I have been seeing him for a year and a half. He has helped me quite a bit. I just seem to consistenly be one of his less important clients. Should I try to pay more??

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about unethical...unprofessional maybe. It is common practice that when you're counseling a client, there are to be no interruptions. You're there for his undivided attention, and interruptions cause a break in thought and communication. Commonly cutting your sessions short or making you wait long periods of time is also unprofessional and rude. That has obviously given you the impression that you are unimportant and your time is less valuable than others.

      However, you stated that there are things about this counselor that value or are a benefit to you. So I would suggest having an open, honest discussion with him about the things that are bothering you about your sessions with him. If he's a good, ethical counselor that appreciates honest feedback he'll value your honesty and hopefully follow through with making appropriate changes. If not, I would definitely seek out another counselor.

    Can I take a low dosage of Buspar and have a nightly glass of wine?
    Today, I was prescribed 5 mg of Buspar 1 x per day at bedtime. Lately, I have had moderate anxiety (mostly when I drive and mostly at night). I am generaly able to control it with deep breathing and other distractions but lately I have found it more difficult to cope with. It was under control until recently and I decided to see a psychologist who I'm going to see weekly for a while who also referred me to a psychiatrist to try conservative medication. I tried taking a 1/4 of a xanax once a day and it was okay but I don't like being on a controlled/ addictive substance. I enjoy a glass of wine at night or with a nice dinner...nothing excessive. Anyone had any experience with this? I am in good health (no known liver or kidney problems). Had a complete blood test a year ago and it was all good. I know some of you will tell me to abstain from alcohol which is fine but I'd like to know if anyone has had any negative affects from mixing relatively low dosages of both?

    • ANSWER:
      I am currently taking 10mg Buspar 1 to 3x daily as needed.

      I have half a glass of wine every day or two. I have had no negative side effects.

      This, of course, is just my experience.

      If you currently have healthy liver function, then I would refer you to this excerpt taken from the Buspar prescribing information:

      "While formal studies of the interaction of BuSpar (buspirone hydrochloride) with alcohol
      indicate that buspirone does not increase alcohol-induced impairment in motor and
      mental performance, it is prudent to avoid concomitant use of alcohol and buspirone."

    I have been eating right and lost 15 lbs and today I went crazy and overate!?
    I had a glass of bear, a glass of wine, a slim jim, spicy tuna roll and pretzels and french onion dip. I feel like a fat pig.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok first off, calm down. This is simply nothing, just dont let yourself consuming anymore. Your body is simply craving for more energy, which means your diet is wrong. Best to eat full with 4 to 6 little snacks in a day. This keep you going with an energized body all the time without letting you slip off the routine. Now we have to plan how we are going to do this.
      At first, start with a journal what kind of food you're usually thinking of. If it's bad, replace it with something more healthy. Like when you're devastated for a coke, go make/buy yourself a nice strawberry smoothie that not only helps your sking but also your skin and diet. When think of a burger, take off a trip to your kitchen to make yourself a delicous sandwich filled with lettuce, 1 to 2 slices of fresh ham/turkey and a bit of nonfat cheese. See? Easy. Be creative and think of some more. Not only that, you also save your money by eating food that makes you slim. If you are desperately craving for food, that means something is wrong in your HEAD. Your brain is invaded with some sorts of stress. Think about it, why am i eating when i'm not even that hungry? Am I stressed about something coming up or already happend? You can certainly consulted to your psychologist about this too. Remember, control yourself in any circumstances.

    Can I have one or two Mojito while taking Zoloft?
    My psychiatrist said that it is ok occasionally to drink a couple of beers of glasses of wine.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all i want to stress the word "Occasionally". I would find out what he meant that by that word. It's not ideal to drink while on anti-depressants. You may be able to get away with it if only occasionally and not in excess of what the doctor says is ok. Still I don't know for sure; playing it safe would be to not drink anything or to at least keep it at an absolute minimum. I think that in this time that u are working towards a greater degree of mental health there is something more important than alcohol. Generally alcohol intensifies the effects of medications, so in my mind, this seems that it could also intensify the possibility of side effects. I personally would not drink under the circumstances. Are u also in psychotherapy? Look up Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This form of therapy is proven to be very effective, especially in conjunction with medication. It's also a relatively short-term therapy, designed to teach u and have u practice skills that can help u to better manage self defeating thoughts and behaviors. Medication alone can be helpful, but is best with CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). U can find a therapist through your insurance and you will have a list to choose from. Pick someone who specializes in CBT or is primarily a CBT psychologist, or at least who is very experienced in CBT therapy. I urge u to find out more and to do all that u can to achieve whatever your goals are. I don't really know what condition you're taking Zoloft for, whether for Anxiety or Depression, CBT has been proven to be the best partner for the medication.

    Health (mental and physical) problems. Please help.?
    Hello everyone.

    This is going to be a veeeerrryyyy long post, but I desperately need some help/advice. I also apologize for all the grammar and typo errors (English is not my first language).

    I'm a 26 year old male. I'll start at the beginning. I fell very ill in December 2007. I was sitting in front of my PC, watching a movie and drinking a glass of wine (I never exaggerated with drinking: I usually drank 2-3 glasses of wine per month and it never did me any harm). So there I was when all of a sudden, I began feeling ill (no, I didn't drink too much: just one glass of wine). I described the symptoms to numerous doctors, but nobody seemed to interested in them. The symptoms were: sharp stomach pain, fatigue, fever, heartburn. I decided to lay down for a while. After a short while, something began happening in my head. It's hard to describe exactly what it was, but the sensation was like someone was twisting my brain inside my head. I thought that I was going insane. That was the toughest night in my life. I thought I was going to die. Next day, the head symptoms were gone, but the sharp and painful stomach persisted for 14 more days. After that, my stomach somehow settled down, but it would never be the same again. About a month after that experience, I went to gastroscopy specialist for a checkup. They found that I have hiatal hernia and gave me some pills for it (30 mG Lanzul). Sometimes the pills helped and sometimes not.

    Now comes the part that really bothers me: my head. It seems that ever since that incident I cannot concentrate, remember, think as I used to (no, I don't mean that I cannot remember things I have done or what I have to do). This is especially annoying problem when I'm studying. I remember when I was capable of memorizing every detail when studying, regardless of how difficult it was. I also liked to read books. I could read a 300 page long book in one night if the content was interesting. Well, not anymore. I also stopped exercising because I felt sick after the exercise.
    2 years passed. Studying became really difficult. I also started smoking because of all the stress and failures I've had in the previous tow years and my mental and physical health were on a steep decline.

    2010 and 2011 were pretty much the same: physical and mental health declining.

    Which brings us to 2012. This year, some bad changes occurred to me. I began loosing interest in everything. This is especially disturbing to me because of one thing I absolutely loved doing: horseback riding. I remember the time when I was so excited to go horsback riding that I cold hardly sleep. It was a real thrill and I enjoyed it very much. I just love horses (I still do). The spark for horseback riding is now gone and whenever I go riding these days, its just boring to me. I still enjoy watching and grooming them. Another serious problem is that I just can't seem to study anymore. Whenever I need to study I just can't bring myself to do it. The exam deadline grows nearer and nearer, yet I don't study . I just browse the internet 9 hours per day. This of course affects me in a way that I feel really guilty and angry at myself. My mental health declined so much in this last year. It declined to the point where I don't find pleasure in anything anymore. I easily get annoyed or upset by small things and I'm stressing (there is a LOT of stress involved) over things that aren't important. Today, I would describe myself as a completely different person that I used to be: nowadays, a light breeze could blow me over, that's how fragile I've become.

    The newest thing that I'm facing right now is how to quit smoking, with my mentality so shattered. Why do I want to quit smoking? Because in July I spotted a white patch under my tongue and because I've been experiencing sore throat form the beginning of August. Last week I went on a checkup and they told me that I have a small patch of Leukoplakia (which can develop into cancer of course). I used to smoke a pack per day, but since early August I cut it down to 10 cigarettes per day.

    So, what should I do now? Kill myself? Nope! I would never consider commiting suicide, because I'm not a quitter and I just don't have the heart to do something stupid like that to my beloved family. I kept my mental health problems (no, I'm not crazy or anything) locked from everyone (even my family), but for the past week, the urge to let it all out was so strong (five years of bottling inside of me) that I decided to register here and try and find people who experienced similar things.

    I know that there is a solution to my problem and I intend to find it. The problem is that I'm lost and don't know where to begin.

    To all the people who read this post and answer it: thank you very much for your time and help.
    Thank you for the answer benji. I gave a letter (it contains all the info written here) to my friend 6 days ago. He personally knows two psychologist. The answer from both of them: anti-depressive pills. My answer to that was no. What I'm looking for is something to grab/lean on and the pills are definitely not that.

    • ANSWER:
      you need to seek an psychologist for counseling and guildness
      good luck

    Left with the residue of his past GID. (heaviest question on yahoo answers?)?
    I once dated this awesome guy, who, six months into our relationship decided that he was a woman trapped in a man's body. In the six months following, before we broke up, this situation caused both of us to do much exploration of my our sexual preferences and gender identity.

    Some time after we broke up, my ex girlfriend decided she was just a boy again, and according to his psychologist, it was basically a weird fluke brought on by the geographical distance our relationship suffered for a while.

    A year or two later, we've gotten back together, things are what you might call normal- but I sometimes wonder about his sexuality. Are there any residual feelings toward men, or towards an identity as a woman? Perhaps I find it hard to believe that after six months there could be nothing at all, not even a detailed explanation.
    I also sometimes wish I could express the opposite side of my identity periodically, but am afraid to bring it up. That period of our 'ship was rough on both.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, maybe it's cause I've had a few glasses of wine but I'm confused about who is a boy and who is a girl in this story.

    Coming up with an analogy help?
    I have think of an analogy for a person I interviewed. Trouble is I am cant think of anything to match them. Here is their information:

    -Born and raised in SF
    -both parents from Guatemala
    -Major in Psychology, transfer to UC system
    -wants to be a forensic psychologist in the FBI, or a therapist
    -learned Spanish for first three years at school in chinatown, speaks English
    -started swimming in middle school, karate
    -worked in summer program call Aim High, preparing kids for high school
    -has a Yorkie
    -likes Rock and Roll
    -Favorite Shows are Dexter and Criminal Minds
    -wants to go to London

    What can I compare this person to? Some examples used in previous speeches were cat, apple seed, a canteen and a flipbook. I need to compare him to an object.

    Any help is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      All I can see is a wild haired dude with glasses and a good taste in fine food and wine. A pine tree man. Or pogo stick maybe lol who knows

    What do you think it would be like to get with a marriage/couples psychologist?
    I don't know what I'm going through but I have had two guys recently that have caught my eye... it must be something in the air!

    I met a single father who I recently started to host play-dates for our kids. His wife died a year ago. He is a psychologist that specializes in relationship counseling and somewhat focuses on romantic/sexual therapy.

    So I noticed that he was looking at me a little intense and he seemed really nervous. I was weary of having get togethers for the kids with a guy that I had just met, so I told him that I wasn't single. He was smiling before I said it, and after I said this his face quickly changed, but then went back to a smile. I could tell that he was trying not to show it! At first I wasn't attracted to him at all, but after a few playdates and a glass of wine at his place, I am getting sexual thoughts in my head. There were many uncomfortable "I'm just getting to know you and don't know what to say moments!", and I can't help but to wonder whether his "knowledge" would spill over into the bedroom?! I'm just isn't my intention to experiment with that! I somehow felt some kind of chemistry there. I know that I need to be careful since I wasn't attracted to him in the first place, and to be honest, he's quite a bit older than me and seems a little nerdy...but I guess a man can grow on you even if you weren't initially attracted to him? I typically haven't ever dated a "professional" who enjoys the finer things in life. I'm used to dating guys that are complete opposites! Maybe its biological instincts talking?? The kids are having a sleep-over tomorrow night, and not at the same house and I won't be there! ; ) But I think its a little fun to flirt...or is this dangerous??

    • ANSWER:
      Talk it over with him......I'm sure he's a good listener.

      He may even have an opinion


    Should I change my psychologist because of this situation or is this reasonable? Please read on..?
    I went to a psychologist for the first time because I was having anxiety attacks. She gave me tips to breathe and say everything is ok (which is kind of obvious and I want medication) but this is all she did for my anxiety. She asked me how much I drink and I said if I go out with friends I'll have up to 4 drinks over a night, like wine coolers or something. She went off telling me that if she had two glasses she would be tipsy and thinks I have a problem because 4 drinks is way too much for a woman. I am a 22/f and college student and I feel like this is what we all do. Then, she asked me about my diet and what I ate yesterday. I said a granola bar running late to class but not usually and she thinks I need to see a nutritionist. I felt really uncomfortable and put down because I do not have a drinking problem. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous or do you think its reasonable for a psychologist to be bringing up kind of irrelevant issues? Should I look to change psychologists or should I say something?
    Just to let everyone know, I do not have a drinking problem and I eat right so don't even mention my diet because I watch myself and am very good about my nutrition. My psychologist just wouldn't let me get a word in after I said I ate one granola bar and the most I've had to drink in a night is 4 drinks.

    • ANSWER:

    Will I become an alcoholic, then a young pretty one alcoholic ha?
    I am blissful and very happy when I drink a glass of cider or white wine.
    I dont go over board, but I feel really really happy.
    My partner doesnt drink at all and he teases me that I will become a alcoholic sooner?
    You people are so good and nice and kind. Love you all.
    I just drink a bottle of cider a week.

    • ANSWER:
      In moderation, I doubt you will become an alcoholic. If you feel you depend on it to be the ONLY thing that makes you feel happy, you might want to discuss that with a doctor or psychologist. Doesn't sound like that is the case though, it sounds like your partner is just VERY opposed to drinking and wants to impress their idea of what is ok and what is not ok (By telling you, you will become an alcoholic). Have fun, and make your own decisions!!!

    Has anyone ever wanted to or completely stopped drinking?
    i'm 26., and i just had about 5 beers tonight, and at times like these i say to myself, why the HELL are you drinking?

    i feel like puking really bad. and im thinking about pullin the trigger. Ive convinced myself before to stop drinking, i dont have a problem with it, i never have, but when i DO drink its on the weekends, but even then i don't enjoy it. And even at my age, so many social events HAVE TO revolve around drinking. Had anyone ever just stopped drinking by choice at my age? and how has it benefited them?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm twenty two and stopped drinking and it wasn't really by choice. I'm on medication which would stop my heart if I had more than one glass of wine and turn me into a robot if I had one glass of wine. Forget about my favourite bundy and coke as well and champagne. I actually feel a lot better from not drinking alcohol, while there were some drinks I enjoyed. It makes you feel cleaner, more aware and less tired. I don't miss it much though. I was never very keen on alcohol. The bitter flavours of wines and the wateriness of beer. Wine makes you need to pee more and it feels more uncomfortable and spirits make you drunk very fast. You can always go out and have a glass of coke or a lemon lime and bitters without alcohol. What's wrong with that? Who cares what other people say? Let them wake up with migraines and puke in the toilet. Get a doctor's referral to a rehab place for alcohol addiction or a psychologist. It's not normal to have that many drinks on your own and if you're doing that, it sounds like you're depressed.

    rene magritte....?
    we were assigned and artist in art and my artist is rene magritte, we have to bring in an item that relates to them but i just dont know what to bring in. he was a surrealist artist and born in belgium. anyone have any ideas of what to bring in?
    it cant be a paint brush-

    • ANSWER:
      Bring in an apple. One of his most famous paintings, Son Of Man is the guy in the bowler hat with an apple covering his face. It's supposed to be a self portrait I think, but the name suggests a more generic meaning, because everyone is the 'son of man'..It's also a religious idiom (in Judaism, and Christianity), which means humanity in general...It's a really nice painting...Magritte said this about the painting:

      ''Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well....''
      Here it is,

      Or you could do Personal Values, and you could bring in a comb, a wine glass, a match! This'd be an interesting thing to talk about because let's say, there was a picture of a comb, match etc, in a bedroom, it sounds very average. But he greatly exaggurated the size of the objects, taking them out of context and creating the surreal effect, which is further created by the walls painted as if they were a sky...

      Another interesting one would be The Rape, but I don't know what you could bring for that?! Haha
      It's a woman's face, except her facial features are made up of the body. It's based on Freud's (Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychologist) displacement theory. It represents the artists underlying desires etc..
      Here it is,

      Good luck!

    Can anybody relate to my feelings about the culture that they were born in?
    Please do not judge me because of what I went through if you cannot relate then move on. can anyone relate to my experiences being from a senile culture? I have been extremely traumatized from my past like many of you. I suffered a lot of abuse ,rejection, judgments, and condemnation growing up in the Haitian culture . I was born in Haiti but raised in America. I Hate the culture with a passion. I only love the food and music but the people I cant stand. My father abused me mentally, sexually, physically, and spiritually. When I tried to get help the Haitian people condemned me for speaking up about being a rape victim. I couldn't talk back to him, I was controlled, criticized on a regular basis and manipulated. When I did something that didn't make him happy he threatened to ship me back to Haiti to" eat shit" with my mother he used to say. He called me names and always said things like "if you loved me then you would whatever .... He tried to choose my friends so I had none. I had a curfew at 4:00pm when I was in college. He forced me to choose nursing when I wanted to be a FBI agent. When my car got taken back by the bank he refused to help me go to my classes, and said I deserved what was happening to me. at the time I was a single mother living in his house. I was so depressed. I was labeled a whore by his Seventh day Adventist Haitian church because of my "sins". he picked out my outfits for me and tried to force me to marry the father of my child who used to hit me and had another woman pregnant. He took out a life insurance policy out on me when I was 5 years old, and tried to kill me when he found out that I got married without telling him. He called me a disgrace to "his" family because I got married at a courthouse . I had to take care of his children since I was 12 years old as if I was their mother. He wanted me to iron his clothes and wash his underwear as if I was his wife. His nephew raped me as well and when I brought it up they called me a whore I was only 5-8 years old. They told me that I seduced them and was no good. I hate them because when I was being sexually abused by both my father and cousin my Haitian doctor covered it up for my father because she didn't want any enemies. I hate them because when I became pregnant they kicked me out of the church and said in order for God to accept me I would have to be clean and get re baptized for the 3rd time. I had enough of the abuse. When my husband and I got married and he adopted my son, the Haitian church people told my husband I wasn't worthy to be a wife because I had a child and was" spoiled goods". My step mother even told me not to breastfeed my son because she said who will want you? I didn't listen to her that's my son. My father one day demanded that I let him pick up my son to go meet his grandmother who tried to kill him while I was still pregnant with him through her belief in voodoo so he could show off his house but didn't care nothing about my sons life.I have disowned all of them. I'm no longer Seventh Day Adventist , I'm married a non Haitian man, I got my ears pierced to prove that I'm not going to hell for piercing and got a tattoo to show them that I represent ME and not the people of Haiti and that God loves me just the way I 'am . I found God on my own and he has been protecting me from their witchcraft attacks against my family and I. My father tried to kill all of my children when he was still living through black magic. I could never do anything to please my father I was his personal punching bag and private property. He didn't help me with nothing and he kidnapped me from Haiti and refused to let me see my mother. I haven't seen her in 30 years. when I cried for her they told me to shut the hell up. Even though the Haitians around me knew of the abuse they did nothing. They told me that I had a good father and that he loved me so much because in church he was a different person. At home he practiced witchcraft, was a drunk, a child molester, he was a bi-sexual who was in denial, and a womanizer a complete hypocrite which most Haitians are. They sleep with the pastor, have abortions, swap wives and husbands, sleep with the same sex, molest their kids, abuse alcohol, gossip, lie, practice witchcraft all week then go to church on Sunday or Saturday, talk down on their kids and other peoples children, compare you to other kids, think they are better than everyone, get angry when you assert yourself, control, manipulate, try to bribe you and others, marry for green cards and money, get married as soon as they find out they are pregnant to cover up the shame, husbands have multiple women, call you a whore if you get molested or raped especially by a member of the family or a church folk, they beat their wives. This isn't just my story can anyone relate?

    • ANSWER:
      I am glad that I was able to read this question, because although I did not have the exact same experience as you I have a mother who has the exact same condition as your father.

      My mother has 5 children by 5 men, abandoned two of them in the caribbean in two different countries so they have no contact with one another and then left her youngest daughter to be raped repeatedly by older men. She raised my older brother and constantly yelled at him, insulted him, and stabbed him once. She also left him in a foster home for 2 years. She also used to force feed me and would then call me fat, a monster, and she would call me a ***** and threw several things at me including wine glasses. She also used to make me call her "beautiful" and "God." On several occasions she would watch porn in front of me when I was only 8 years old.

      What you are describing is sociopathy.

      Your father has antisocial personality disorder, a condition where a person is so evil and self-centered that they cannot function in society.

      These are the main symptoms of sociopathy, and I guarantee that your father will match 95%-100% of them, because my mother also fits the same symptoms:
      -compulsive liar who will say anything to get what they want. They will steal thousands of dollars if necessary. Whatever they want, they will get.
      -speaks greatly about themselves, but is quick to belittle others and embarrass them in public
      -manipulator who will play people against each other in order to "get a rise" out of them
      -sexual promiscuity, will sleep with anyone that has a pulse from BOTH genders.
      -Pleasure seeking- will do anything to have fun even if it means raping someone, stealing thousands of dollars from someone, working as a pimp, or selling drugs to people who have kids, and using drugs such as cocaine, crack, marijuana, etc
      -Attacks of rage- they will get extremely angry and beligerent and scream at whoever they feel is weak and that they have control over. This includes their spouse, children, "friends" that they have brainwashed or controlled, and other relatives who provide for them.
      -Never accepts responsibility-even when they "apologize" there's always a "but" or an excuse so that they still look like the "good guy"
      -Some extreme sociopaths also known as psychopaths will murder or attempt to murder someone.

      You will have to speak with a social worker or psychologist, because what you went through cannot be resolved on yahoo answers. However, I will give you as much advice as possible so that you know exactly what to do.

      #1-Speak to an LCSW(Licensed Clinical Social Worker) or PsyD Psychologist
      #2- Do not allow your father to drag you down with him. He is a scumbag, but if you continue to get angry or depressed about what he did to you, you will never be able to fully enjoy life. This is easier said than done which is why counseling, meditation, prayer, exercise, and even occasional fasting(drinking water and eating organic low calorie foods) is necessary.
      #3-Volunteer at a hospital, community center, or senior center. This will help you make friends and keep your mind off of the pain.

      Take care

    is it really bad that i ate three protein bars today?
    im totaling in with about 1600 calories today which i know is too much because im really wanting to lose ten pounds... (im 20 yrs old weigh 125 and about 5'4-5'5) but when i drink wine it always gives me the munchies so i cant undo whats already done.. i just probably know in order to lose weight ill need to stop with my glass of wine at night which leads to sorta mini binges... i also just started running, about 5 miles. and id like to continue that everyday but im too sore to work off the protein bars tonight because of yesterdays workout. I had a pure protein bar this morning, then just about an hr ago i got a little tipsy and bored and ate two kashi go lean rolls :/ after i ate about a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a 1/2 cup of cheerios with unsweetended almond breeze soy free milk. I think my problem if i eat too little of a breakfast then it makes me eat a lot more at night in like one sitting esp after i have my red wine... ugh i need to see a pyschologist.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you really need to see a psychologist.

      125 is a pretty healthy weight, and combine that with the jogging, and you're golden.

      Yet for some reason you're an emotional eater who's trying to deny herself a simple glass of wine.

      You are very close to being in optimal shape for a girl. There is no guy in the world who would reject you at 125 pounds but be attracted to you at 115 pounds. You need to figure out how to accept yourself and stop relentlessly trying to improve yourself.

      In fact, your frantic self-improvement is probably the worst thing you're doing to yourself, period.

    If A Man Eats ALOT Of junk food everyday and Is Kinda Going Crazy, Are They In Their Mid-Life Crisis?
    Because my dad, he eats like 2 of every kind of junk food that we have in the house.
    Then one night I Actually Thought He was going CRAZY, & so did the rest of the family
    He Was Drinking Wine.
    I really think he going through Mid Life Crisis

    • ANSWER:
      It's sweet that you are so worried about your dad. Life is very stressful, especially for those who are middle aged and have a family to support. To start, try not to point out you noticed he is eating junk food because this might offend him and if he's already depressed this will just add to it. Try to get him to see a Dr for a normal physical to check his levels and make sure he doesn't have diabetes. This might be a temporary thing-sometimes people eat out of stress. He's probably having an internal conflict he isn't even aware of. It would be great if he could see a psychologist but sometimes its difficult to get someone to do that, but you might want to gently mention it, or find some names of some psychologists for him. Drinking a glass of wine once in a while is ok-in fact, it might even be good for him (if its red wine) but be sure to get him help if he starts drinking too much and its affecting his work and his personality. Good luck!

    how do sleeping pills work?
    last night I was upset about something.. (actually about a lot of things)

    so I popped 5sleeping pills and gulped two glasses of wine. I thought that would do the job....
    but I just woke this morning just feeling light headed and red eyed, not exactly what I expected ...

    • ANSWER:
      You absolutely can not mix sleeping pills with alcohol and you should never exceed the prescribed dosage. Sleeping pills have a lot of draw backs, particularly narcotic based sleeping pills. Once you get into the habit of taking them, you will not be able to fall asleep on your own, or stay asleep, without them. There are some alternatives to the traditional sleeping pills, including Valerian Root, Melatonin, and Amitriptyline. The third is a prescription drug that was developed as an antidepressant many, many years ago, but is now used to prevent migraines and treat insomnia. It is nowhere near addicting as the sleeping pills, but is very effective at helping you fall asleep, usually within 30 minutes of taking it. You should speak to your doctor about two things; 1) weaning off the narcotic sleep medications and trying the Amitriptyline, and 2) getting a referral to a psychologist about the problems you are having sleeping. The fact that you took five sleeping pills and then drank two glasses of wine is a good indicator that you have additional psychiatric problems in addition to you inability to sleep. Please seek some professional help and please see your doctor about trying a non-narcotic sleep aid.

    My vision gets blurry in crowded environments. It makes me feel dizzy. Why is that?
    Hi, I'm only 17 years old. I always feel some form of dizziness whenever I get exposed to crowded environments like market areas, busy streets, etc.

    I don't get headaches and I believe I live a healthy lifestyle (no drugs, no alcohol, or tobacco).

    Our family has no history of hepatitis, but my aunts have some kind of diabetes. I have ankylosing spondylitis (disease of the spinal cord) but I was already treated three years ago. Do these things have to do with my problem?

    Or is it but normal and treatable?

    • ANSWER:
      im exactly the same.
      its called clastraphobia and anxiety. I feel dizzy, unable to concentrate and my vision isnt too good in crowded places or busy places with lots of movement.

      if it bothers you that much, then see a doc. they will recommend you to a psychologist who can teach you how to make your body relax and not panic. (note, not a psychiatrist lol. thats a mental doctor)
      or if it is that bad, then he can give you relaxant pills.

      i find that having a glass of wine before i go places puts me at rest.

    So lonely and thinking to commit suicide?
    Haven't had any serious boy friend for about 10 years after someone really broke my heart.....I cry every night with a bottle of wine and I don't think it is possible for me to find love anymore........I want to end this
    thanks I really cant stop crying.......................

    • ANSWER:
      Using wine to numb your feelings can pull you down and put you into depression, especially the next morning, when you sober up. Alcohol as a crutch does not work. It makes things worse, not better, however you need to come to the point of self analyzation, that you realize that you are using the wine as a crutch. I drink one or two small glasses of wine daily, but I do it not for the purpose of getting buzzed, but for my health, and for relaxation.

      There is light at the end of the tunnel with a new soulmate, but to get there, you need to make some changes. 10 years is a long time to greive over your broken heart, but understandable. Go to a divorce support group for help, or a Psychologist for counseling, or a Pastor or Priest, or all for support, and this will help you a lot to feel better about who you are. Attempt to become more whole. Start particpating in events at your church, or going to volunteer in causes you believe in. Next, and far from least, I recommend you pray that God empowers and strengthens your quest to be happy and to find a new guy. God hears our prayers and answers them. Work on yourself some to become whole. Maybe stop drinking the wine for awhile, and develop new friends, and new interests. Try to develop new positive self talk, by learning short statements that will generate more positive thoughts. Tell yourself every day, you are a good person, and you know that things will get better.

    Doctors pls tell what r this tabs use for FLUOXETINE UPS 20MG & ESCITALOPRAM OXALATE 10MG ?
    Well I've been given this tabs by a DR but the doctor I consultant she didn't listen to my problems properly so i want to know what this tabs in detail and pls let me also know if i can take alcohol with it

    • ANSWER:
      fluoxetine is prozac,,escitalopram is lexapro,drinking on anti-depressants is not recommended,a glass of wine a week will not harm you,please try to stay away from it anyway.the above mentioned drugs are in the ssri family,lexapro,has an anti-anxiety component to are on a very small for your doctor issue,,i would see a mental health expert,,a psychiatrist a psychologist,your general practitioner should not be handing out can google both drugs ,the site will give you detaied info. on everything you want to know. good luck

    Is this too much alcohol?
    I'm 18 fm and recently went to my GP because i've self harmed for years. She told me to keep this diary. Why did she do this? Does it look like i drink too much? I dont think i drink much more than my friends...


    Tuesday 1st
    3 vodka and lemonade, one shot, shared fishbowl, 3 vodka lime and lemonade, two shots and shared fishbowl (sambuca) .can t remember

    Sunday 6th
    10 vodka and lemonade, 3 shot, 2 shared fishbowl ( I think that s all but may be wrong)

    Drank every night from 1st-8th of July but can t remember what (too long ago). Those were the only nights I was properly drunk.

    Friday 11th
    2 glasses of wine, two glasses of champagne, 2 double vodka and lemonade, random double shot .can t remember, (apparently shots at the nightclub)! I was sick this night and can t remember being at the second club at all.

    Friday 18th
    2 vodka and lemonade, 1 shot vodka, random shot, WKD.

    Saturday 19th
    2 vodka and lemonade, 1 shot of vodka, vodka milkshake, 2 vodka and lemonade, 2 WKD, 2 random shots, 1 (or 2?) vodka lemonade, of some random shot. I think that s all but can t really remember.

    Sunday 20th
    6 vodka and lemonade, 2 apple sour shots, can t remember (mainly due to bad memory not too much alcohol)

    Monday 21st
    Pimms and lemonade. (with a BBQ)

    Tuesday 22nd
    70cl of vodka between 3 people so possible a third of that (with lemonade), 2 vodka and lemonade. I remember someone buying me a drink but no idea what, then I don t remember buying anything else but quit possibly did

    Thursday 24th
    A lot of vodka and lemonade (at a bonfire)

    Saturday 26th
    1/2 a 70cl of absolute pear vodka

    Thursday 31st
    1/2 a 70cl of absolute pear vodka and some wine. (Cant remember a couple of hours of this night)


    Tuesday 5th
    A large bottle WDK, half a bottle of wine.

    Sunday 10th
    bottle of vodka, 2 vodka and lemonade

    • ANSWER:
      The fact that almost every sentence ends in I can't remember should tell you something. Yes I think that is too much and you should consider seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist along with your GP. Even though you are not drinking everyday you are drinking a lot at a time when you do drink and can be a sign of a problem along with the self harm. You are young and it is important to work on this before things get completely out of hand.

    My mother in law to be is driving me insane!?
    She is almost 60. I have a daughter and when we go and visit my mil to be she always tries to pressure me to drink with her - but I don't like to drink much especially as I have a young daughter. My mil used to be really heavy and had weight loss surgery. She now acts like she is 25 - wearing tight clothes and brands that someone of my age (25) would wear. She is superficial and always claims to have no money to come and visit us yet she always has new jewelry, bags, shoes, buckle jeans etc. She copies everything I do - buying the exact same nail polish as me, same purse, same jeans, etc. At my baby shower my sister in law told her I was wearing a purple dress - so they went shopping the day of my shower to get her a purple dress. A lot of her tendencies are for attention and I know it is because she has lost a lot of weight, but she needs to act her age. Yesterday she texted me 3 different times about drinking together over Easter weekend. One of these times said "lets pound grape" I said wth does that mean she said "get drunk on wine!". I am currently dieting and have lost almost 10 pounds and have told her 4 or 5 times in the last couple of weeks that I am not going to be drinking more than a glass of wine all weekend but she is constantly trying to pressure me into drinking. Last time we were there i had one glass while she finished off the bottle in the amount of time it took me to have ONE. She was also trying to feed me my wine from my glass with a straw while I was cooking dinner - what an embarrassment. I am getting married next year and I can't seem to understand this bizarre NOT NORMAL behavior for someone the age of 60! Can anyone please tell me what it is she has going on in her head so I can better wrap my head around her craziness!? My fiance's brothers wife does not speak to their entire family for all of the same reasons - mainly the drinking - and she has been in the family for 10 years and just cut them off 3 months ago. I thought she was harsh at the time but now I am starting to wonder how she dealt with them for as long as she did. My family drinks occassionally and on special occassions and my parents think she has serious issues.


    • ANSWER:
      As a Psychologist I would say she is going through the change of life or is extremely unhappy with who she is in her life. Feel "Sorry" for her instead of thinking she's "crazy". She cannot figure out exactly who she is, she drinks herself into a stupor to try to ignore how unhappy she is. You're happy she isn't. Try to put up with her simply because you realize how unhappy she is...she only wishes her youth hadn't wasted away and sees it in you. I'm quite sure she loves to you pieces. Realize how horribly unhappy she is. I wish her Hubby could get her into therapy..perhaps she'll settle down when she finishes the "change of life". Please remember that she loves you and really wants to "fit in with you" but doesn't know how to. She may be a pain in the "a" but she's miserable in her own skin. You're secure and comfortable and confident...imagine how miserable she must be when everyone is gone and she's alone. I wish you the best.
      Peace, Love & Happiness

    it's kind of long, but i need help and i will give 10 points. please give advice as to what i should do?
    Ok so I see a psychologist and he told me I am "hyper conscious." This is true, I constantly think about things and I don't let myself get away with anything, or I am overcome with feelings of guilt and shame. I strive to be as good of a person as I can be, and I am happy with myself except for one thing. I have tried to rationalize it in my brain but I just can't let myself get away with it and I need to know what I can do. I know what the right thing to do is, but it would be like suicide. This is what happened:

    I have a boyfriend who I love very much. One night I got very, very, very drunk. I drank almost half a bottle of vodka by myself. I'm not usually a heavy drinker so I was pretty gone. That night, an old childhood friend who I had feelings for as a child came over, and basically what happened was he had sex with me in my ass. I did not like it at all, it made me lose feelings for him and respect that he would take advantage of me while I was like that.

    On the flip side, sex is a mutual act and I was the person who initiated everything. I was feeling horny because of the drinks.

    Since that night, I have not spoken to him. I refuse to respond and I blocked him on facebook, everything. I have no intention of ever seeing him or speaking to him again. It was also anal sex, not vaginal, so I don't feel like that is as big of a betrayal.

    But this conscious knowing that I did this and not telling my boyfriend is killing me. Do I need to tell him or is it possible to just think of this as a mistake and let it go, just this one time, on the condition that nothing like it will never happen again? What should I do? If I tell him, I KNOW my boyfriend would never speak to me again, and he would break up with me. He does NOT put up with cheaters, and I've also waited too long for it to be okay to go back and tell him what happened, I have been hiding this fact for a few weeks now.

    Please help, what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I really see no use of telling your boyfriend this because it will break the trust.. and you really have broken the trust by having had sex with this friend..

      You made a big mistake by getting so drunk that you no longer were able to make conscious decisions, that hopefully will help you in the future to stay the hell away from alcohol because this kind of stuff only happens when someone drinks more than their legal limit.. which should never be more than one glass or a maximum of 2 glasses of wine...At the end of a party of when you had some alcohol you need to be able to still think straight and be fully aware of what you are doing and you need to be able to walk straight and not stumble around in a drunken stupor.. I hope you learned a life lesson here to never humiliate yourself like that again.. you lost your dignity for yourself by doing what you did.. but you can rebuild it because people are human and make mistakes, so you need to forgive yourself but you have to make a pact with yourself, that you are worthy of being a better role model to yourself than that drunken person you were that night, you must stop drinking and never get into such a situation again... you are as much to blame for what happened as this guy.. because you allowed yourself to get so drunk that you no longer cared about your dignity and did not say ''NO''... but I would recommend you to take this as a life lesson and learn from those mistakes and never repeat them again, forgive yourself and kick yourself in the b u t t for what you did... but not tell your boyfriend.. but from now on.. always be a trustworthy girlfriend and respect your boyfriend.. and don't debase yourself so much that you crawl around drunk as a skunk....Let it be.. but no more of that! x

    POLL: Am I cursed!!!?
    I believe I am cursed or something. Bad things seem to constantly happen to me.
    My parents divorced when I was two, and my mum (due to her anger that my dad didn't want her anymore) ran off with me and stopped me having contact with him. She was very emotionally abusive, she punched me, slapped me, pulled my hair extremely hard, punched my nose so hard I had numerous 15 minute nose bleeds that covered the flat in dark thick red blood, scratched my face until I had a bloody scar a few times, twisted my fingers and arms when I was little, scratched my arms until they where bleeding, kicked me, and sat on me with her hands on my neck threatening to kill me.
    She would buy alcohol, and ask me if I wanted some, when I was just 11. She would share a bottle of white wine with me, when I was 12, I was already having 2 glasses of white wine.
    I started getting bullied when I was 11 and started secondary school, by a bunch of jealous girls, who would pull my hair and try to ruin my confidence every day. I nearly lost all my confidence at the time because of this.
    The bullying stopped when I turned 14. But then, I developed epilepsy. This was around the time me and my mum had been fighting alot. I think it could have been caused by that. I have thankfully only had 4 seizures in my life, but they where all 'grand mal' seizures (the worst kind) where I would drop to the floor, fall unconcious, stop breathing for a while and have convulsions. Afterwards, I would forget who I was for a while, and have an awful migraine and be sick numerous times.

    Then, I started 6th form in 2009 when I was 16. I had alot of friends..then I met this guy who I liked and who I liked back. But I began to get stressed with all the college work, and began drinking. I fell out with a friend at a birthday party, because I got too drunk and revealed alot of peoples secrets. That was the biggest regret of my life. 90% of people stopped talking to me. This guy still said hello and would small talk to me, but it wasn't the same, because these bitchy jealous girls tried to make him avoid me because of what happened. I had fallen in love with him and was heart broken.
    My life began to crumble around me. I began drinking, cutting and smoking. My grades began dropping. I felt like I was a bad person who didn't deserve to be around. I overdosed a few times, and I would have these mood swings from one hour to the next. I would hear my own voice shouting negative things to me in my head. I would cry every night but not tell anyone. During xmas 2009, I would be lying in my bed before falling asleep, and feel as though the room was spinning when it wasn't. There are periods from that time I don't really remember I was so down. I lay on the kitchen floor, and had a bit of a breakdown, crying non stop for 7 hours, without much of a reason.

    In march 2010, I drank to much one night with friends, I had almost 2 bottles of red wine alone and passed out unconcious. The ambulance had to come and I kept going unconcious. I was sick numerous times.

    I stopped drinking, cutting and smoking after that, and would walk long distances everyday to clear my head/

    It was too late to save my education though. I failed maths, biology, chemistry as levels, but got a d in english.

    I started my A levels again. Though I started noticing something when I was losing weight from the excersise. I was putting on weight on my stomach, shoulders and chin.

    My stomach had always been very flat. Now I started putting weight on it. My periods became very irregular. I started to become very insecure about my weight gain. I began to find it difficult to go out. I did go to college, but my attendance has suffered.

    I managed to make it through 1 and a half years of a levels, even though it was very hard, because I started to get panic attacks before I would go out because of how unhappy I was about the weight gain.

    I managed to get 2 uni offers.
    Then my attendance became bad again.
    I was told 2 weeks ago, I have been kicked out of college, two months before it is finished, even though I have offers for uni. Uni would have been my only escape from my mum. I am trying to appeal this decision, but it doesn't look promising.
    A few days ago, I found out I probably have Cushing's disease, caused by a tumour on the brain releasing too much cortisone hormone. I can't go to my classes anymore, I am isolated and stuck with my mum. I want to die. Bad things constantly seem to be happening to me. Even this week, when I have tried to phone up my college and friends, my phone has suddenly stopped working completely. I just feel so down and I feel trapped. I just can't see any way of how this will resolve itself. I just wish things weren't so hard I have pretty much no reason to live anymore, I feel like there's no where to turn

    • ANSWER:
      Get out of town and start fresh elsewhere. Get a psychologist to help you deal with everything. Don't ever kill yourself. Good luck, stay tough

    What are the side effects of birth control & antidepressants?
    I'm not sexually active. I went to my psychologist today and she told me that my hormones seem to go out of control when I'm approaching my period, so I might have to go on birth control to regulate my periods.

    & I might also have to take antidepressants because of my anxiety and panic attacks. Are there any serious side effects to these kinds of medicines?

    Because I'm basically scared out of my mind.

    • ANSWER:

      Side effects of antidepressant medications. Antidepressants may cause mild, and often temporary, side effects (sometimes referred to as adverse effects) in some people. Typically, these are not serious. However, any reactions or side effects that are unusual, annoying, or that interfere with functioning should be reported to the doctor immediately. The most common side effects of tricyclic antidepressants, and ways to deal with them, are as follows:

      Dry mouth it is helpful to drink sips of water; chew sugarless gum; brush teeth daily.
      Constipation bran cereals, prunes, fruit, and vegetables should be in the diet.
      Bladder problems emptying the bladder completely may be difficult, and the urine stream may not be as strong as usual. Older men with enlarged prostate conditions may be at particular risk for this problem. The doctor should be notified if there is any pain.
      Sexual problems sexual functioning may be impaired; if this is worrisome, it should be discussed with the doctor.
      Blurred vision this is usually temporary and will not necessitate new glasses. Glaucoma patients should report any change in vision to the doctor.
      Dizziness rising from the bed or chair slowly is helpful.
      Drowsiness as a daytime problem this usually passes soon. A person who feels drowsy or sedated should not drive or operate heavy equipment. The more sedating antidepressants are generally taken at bedtime to help sleep and to minimize daytime drowsiness.
      Increased heart rate pulse rate is often elevated. Older patients should have an electrocardiogram (EKG) before beginning tricyclic treatment.
      The newer antidepressants, including SSRIs, have different types of side effects, as follows:

      Sexual problems fairly common, but reversible, in both men and women. The doctor should be consulted if the problem is persistent or worrisome.
      Headache this will usually go away after a short time.
      Nausea may occur after a dose, but it will disappear quickly.
      Nervousness and insomnia (trouble falling asleep or waking often during the night) these may occur during the first few weeks; dosage reductions or time will usually resolve them.
      Agitation (feeling jittery) if this happens for the first time after the drug is taken and is more than temporary, the doctor should be notified.
      Any of these side effects may be amplified when an SSRI is combined with other medications that affect serotonin. In the most extreme cases, such a combination of medications (e.g., an SSRI and an MAOI) may result in a potentially serious or even fatal "serotonin syndrome," characterized by fever, confusion, muscle rigidity, and cardiac, liver, or kidney problems.
      The small number of people for whom MAOIs are the best treatment need to avoid taking decongestants and consuming certain foods that contain high levels of tyramine, such as many cheeses, wines, and pickles. The interaction of tyramine with MAOIs can bring on a sharp increase in blood pressure that can lead to a stroke. The doctor should furnish a complete list of prohibited foods that the individual should carry at all times. Other forms of antidepressants require no food restrictions. MAOIs also should not be combined with other antidepressants, especially SSRIs, due to the risk of serotonin syndrome.

      Medications of any kind prescribed, over-the-counter, or herbal supplements should never be mixed without consulting the doctor; nor should medications ever be borrowed from another person. Other health professionals who may prescribe a drug such as a dentist or other medical specialist should be told that the person is taking a specific antidepressant and the dosage. Some drugs, although safe when taken alone, can cause severe and dangerous side effects if taken with other drugs. Alcohol (wine, beer, and hard liquor) or street drugs, may reduce the effectiveness of antidepressants and their use should be minimized or, preferably, avoided by anyone taking antidepressants. Some people who have not had a problem with alcohol use may be permitted by their doctor to use a modest amount of alcohol while taking one of the newer antidepressants. The potency of alcohol may be increased by medications since both are metabolized by the liver; one drink may feel like two.

    is this social anxiety or what?
    this is regarding my bf of 8 years he is 21 he is afraid to talk to strangers say a waitress when hes ordering his food he always wants me to do it, he always feels like people are staring at him and judging him.. we can never go into public like a mall or grocery store with out gettin into some type of argument he gets really tense in public places with lots of people around and he takes his anger out on me and others around him... it could be low self esteem but then again i am not the most confident person either but i dont feel no type of way i actually enjoy talking with new people so i thought maybe it could be anxiety? its causing a big problem in our relationship i just want to know others opinions or experiences,, thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It is very likely that it's social anxiety. You can try talking to him gently about that in some safe situation (e.g. over a glass of wine ;) ). You can read here about how you can both try handling this on your own without involving a psychologist or a psychiatrist:

      The truth is that the most important component of treating any type of anxiety is exposure to the feared situations in a safe and supportive environment. Therapy provides help with initiating this process but most of this has to be done in naturalistic situations so if you want to help him you can be more successful than a therapist simply because you see him more often than a therapist would and witness the problems he is having first hand rather than relying on his self-report. The goal at this stage is for you to get him talking about that in a way that doesn't make him feel confronted or defensive. You know him best so you will be the best judge of how to do that (e.g. you might try some self-disclosure about your own problem that you would like to change or changed in the past).

      Of course it might be the case that he would feel better to work this out with an expert (e.g. because he doesn't want to appear weak in front of you)- so be supportive of whatever he thinks is appropriate. But what is clear is that social anxiety can be successfully treated so he can get better if he decides to try. Anyway, good luck to you both!

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