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The latest X-Men movie is big news right now, especially amongst fans of the popular comic book series by the same name and the previously released X-Men movies. With one of the foremost and coolest members of the mutants known as the X-Men having a movie of his own, fans are nothing short of anxious.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine narrates the story of Logan aka Wolverine before his days with Professor Xs mutant-training institute (portrayed in the previous films). His relationship with the lovely mutant known as Silver Fox, with his half-brother Sabretooth and his days with the Weapon X training program are the main highlights of this fourth installment in the X-Men series.

Hugh Jackman reprises the role of the beast-like Wolverine and fans have come to expect intense adrenaline from this extremely professional actor. Jackman is reported to have undergone a rigorous workout and diet regime to stay in shape and perform the taxing action scenes demanded by the script. His co-actor Liev Schreiber who plays Sabretooth underwent a similar training regime to gain bulk and brawn.

While Hugh Jackman travels in person across Europe and the US to promote the fourth X-Men film, other regions and screening theatres are holding contests, promotions and are organizing heavy merchandising for the film.

20th Century Fox estimates a - million in domestic box office earnings alone and the Middle East is expected to come close to the amount. The Middle East countries that will release X-Men Origins: Wolverine include Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon.

Given the deviation from the first three movies and the timeframe in which it is set (nearly 20 years before the first X-Men movie), box office gurus have mixed expectations from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans on the other hand, are expecting complete entertainment and heavy action from the movie given Wolverines devil-may-care personality in the books and the previous films.

Given his close involvement with the first three films in the X-Men series, making a movie on the character that Jackman plays seemed like the natural choice for an X-Men Origins film. It will be interesting to note the reactions movie buffs and comic book aficionados of the X-Men series will have to Hugh Jackmans combined production and acting skills once the movie is out.

marriage advice x-men x-men origins: wolverine